Holler For A Honda


If you want a coffee from us, then you better make sure you’ve entered to Holler For A Honda, Holler For A Honda!

The folks at Manning Valley Honda have given Macka & Gemma a month with one of their beautiful Honda CRV’s for the entirety of May, so they’re taking the new station car to the people.

They’ve got plans galore for the Honda, but the main one is that they are giving you the opportunity to get the car to your workplace, with coffees in hand!

That’s right, thanks to the great team at McCafe we could show up at your workplace with coffee for your and five workmates, plus you’ll get a bit of swag to go with that too!

So if you want the Max Machine to show up on your businesses doorstep, you better HOLLER FOR A HONDA, thanks to Manning Valley Honda and McCafe!