$500 Fugitive

The Fugitive is on the run, and we need your help to find them!

We’ve got $500 to give away, thanks to the team at Manning Valley Automotive and we want to give it to you; but only if you can find The Fugitive, who’s stolen the Honda CR5 Max Machine!

They’re hiding somewhere around the Mid North Coast and if you manage to find them, we’ll could give you some cold hard cash, but you’re going to need to be the first one there.

We’ll be giving out clues right throughout the day on our Facebook page, with the first clue live on the air with Macka For Brekky every day!

So make sure you tune in, keep us on your social media, and know your way around the Mid North Coast. It could land you $500 in cold hard cash, but only if you catch The Fugitive!