$5000 Song

How does $5000 in cold, hard cash sound to you?

To celebrate Max FM’s 21 years in the Manning, Great Lakes and Gloucester communities, our friends at Club Forster have helped us out by putting up $5000 for one lucky winner, just because they listened to the station!

Starting Monday August 27, we’ll be counting down the 100 best songs of the last 21 years and every time you hear a countdown song play, you need to be the first to call to get yourself into the draw for the money.

You’ll be invited to a special event Max FM are holding at Club Forster on September 28, when the winner of the cash will be discovered, along with something very special being revealed.

Keep an ear out for the top 100 songs of the last 21 years, and you could win $5000 cash!

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Please click on THIS LINK to view them before entering the competition*